Our Story

POFI is a global, multi-award winning, independent film production company, now based in Scotland (it’s a long story, but in short, we are enjoying the fresh air and the scenery)

Yeehh. I hear you say… So what?

Well it means that we know what we are doing from A-Z. As required, we can create, research and develop, direct and produce, deliver and promote… Oh and we also have an in-depth appreciation of all the boring (but critical) bits in between; The legal, the admin, the budgeting, the time planning and the oh so much fun deliverable bundles (technical and paper).

We only work on projects we believe in. Not so difficult as it may sound as at the core of any communication is an honest idea.

So, whether, commercial, broadcast, digital or feature, we have the skills to advise, manage and deliver all or part of your project. (Don’t they call it content nowadays!)

Working regularly and intensely across the UK, Middle East, Asia and the U.S. has provided us with an enviable network of talent and resources across these markets.

Our Approach

We quite simply love and respect our network; writers, composers, directors, editors, post production disciplines, animators, as well as all our production crew and acting talent working alongside our oh so critical legal and admin support crews on to sales agents and distributors.

The secret of producing is to get the best team working alongside you from start to finish, ensuring they each deliver work that adds value to the story you are telling. There is no such thing as 105% effort but you may be surprised how often a single discipline “over delivering” can upset the balance of a piece of work!

Budget realities are always there, but never (well almost never) an insurmountable hurdle.

We work with our partners to deliver the impact required within pragmatic realities. We are very careful not to over promise, even if that loses us the business.

Producing is tough… but someone has to do it and do it consistently well… That’s us!

The Extra Wee bits


Our team have extensive experience in holistic delivery. For broadcasters and commercial work this often now means delivering digital/social media assets in parallel to core content.


Where required, our team are more than capable of delivering joined up thinking to support commercial content and will happily work alongside partners in the extended delivery of promotional programs.


We generally have around 15 projects at varying stages of development; from concept to completed scripts fully costed and ready to move to pre-production. We are always happy to speak to interested investors.

Investor Rule #1

Pay for progress. All our development programs involve an escrow driven approach. Investors only pay next tranche based on pre-agreed deliverables being achieved (whereby each milestone is seen as increasing the chances of commercial success and thus further reducing risk). How many independent producers offer this approach!

Investor Rule #2

If you want guaranteed returns, put your money in the bank. No matter how well we mitigate risks, investment in broadcast and feature films requires a certain mindset. It’s not for everyone..